Impressive new clubrooms sketchings


SKETCHINGS for Ocean Grove Tennis Club’s proposed new clubrooms have been unveiled.
DE atelier Architects is currently working with Ocean Grove Tennis Club (OGTC) on its Master Plan and Clubroom redevelopment.
DE atelier Architects has undertaken extensive member and community consultation, working with the committee to survey the club’s membership, undertaking workshops and presentation of final redevelopment master plan to members.
Particular focus for the redevelopment has included development of plans to ensure access for all throughout the facilities can be readily achieved including upgrading of access to the playing areas to provide unrestricted access.
The committee has expressed a need to ensure that the design factors in risks associated with vandalism and takes into consideration ongoing maintenance.
The use of rough sawn timber battens to the painted external brick provides an attractive upgrade to this prominent public facade while reducing risks associated with vandalism.
This design allows for deep solar infiltration throughout the clubrooms. The new covered deck is pitched up to the north, protecting from the southerly storms while retaining the ability for winter sun to enter and warm these areas.
The high level clerestory windows provide good natural light to all of the service areas and into the club social rooms.
Design includes upgraded social rooms and bar, new semi-commercial kitchen/kiosk, upgraded change rooms and toilet facilities and office.
The new clubrooms will not only provide an attractive and comfortable venue for members to celebrate special occasions and functions, but also be an asset for the entire community, providing opportunities for yoga, community group meetings and acting as a social hub in this part of Ocean Grove.
As part of the consultation process, members have expressed concerns that issues of access and control be addressed to provide ongoing security and passive surveillance as part of the redevelopment.
The design defines both entries to the club providing a clear address and a controlled sense of arrival. This change will provide the club with a presence in the community which it has never had before and reflects the strength of the club as a strong and vibrant part of the Ocean Grove community.
The current clubrooms do not cater adequately to large club gatherings such as the annual Christmas party and social fund-raising events.
It is hoped that the upgrade will be completed within the next 18 months to two years if funds for the development can be secured. The club is in a position to fund 40 per cent of the overall cost and is looking to receive further government and community support to deliver the project.