Locals rally for change

Kelli Finlayson, Clare Peace and Simon Ramsay MP at the Orton St and Presidents Ave intersection.

An Ocean Grove intersection is under intense scrutiny from locals following a motorcycle accident on 23 April.

Concerned locals are worried about the intersection of Presidents Ave and Orton St being a blind spot and will result in another serious injury or death.

Tyler Pearce, 18, has had three operations after his motorcycle collided with a car at the notorious intersection on 23 April.

Locals gathered at the intersection on Saturday with Liberal Member for Western Victoria Simon Ramsay to raise their concerns about the potential ‘death trap’.

The Presidents Ave and Orton St intersection is one of the town’s busiest, providing access to the town centre and the popular beach.

Mr Ramsay, said locals fear a fatal accident is imminent unless the intersection is made safer.

“The great frustration here is that everyone knows this is a treacherous intersection,” Mr Ramsay said.

In its strategic plan for Ocean Grove, the City of Greater Geelong has identified the intersection as


Mr Ramsay put the concerns to the Victorian Parliament last week, asking the Minister, Luke Donnellan, what he was doing about it.

“This is a blind spot known to residents over many years. It has been brought to the attention of the government and to VicRoads, but unfortunately no action has been taken up to this point in time,” he said.

“My understanding is that VicRoads is aware of this very dangerous blind spot due to the diligent advocacy of local residents. The Geelong Advertiser calls it a ‘death trap’”.

More than 2000 people had already signed a petition for the intersection to be made safer.

“I understand VicRoads is hesitant to put in traffic lights as per the urban plan. It is blaming its reticence on land negotiations for another site unrelated to this intersection,” he said.

“My question to the minister is: is he giving a very strong directive to VicRoads to proceed with the traffic lights and/or safety upgrades to protect the local communities who use this intersection on a daily basis?”

“This must become a top road safety priority.

“Tyler Peace is alive, but others may not be so lucky in the future.”

The petition is at bit.ly/FixOrton.