Triple ton at Sea Views

Ron Cutts, Rab Cole and Flo Stratford have all turned 100 at Sea Views Manor.

Early in 2019, Sea Views Manor scored an amazing trifecta – and not the usual trifecta we all often imagine or wish we could achieve.

Three of the current residents turned 100, the latest being Rab Cole, pictured in the centre of this photograph.

She is seated in between, Ron Cutts and Flo Stratford who have offered her their tips now as they all enter their next centuries together.

Ron Cutts is a WWII RAAF veteran who recited the Ode of Remembrance at the 2018 November commemoration while Flo is an avid resident card player who enjoys daily exercises in addition to all other regular and special activities.

Rab enjoyed her 100th celebration starting with her chosen cooked breakfast to kick off the day before visiting Sea View salon to bring out her all natural beauty.

Once suitably coiffed, she enjoyed the special facility community morning tea followed by lunch out on the town with her family including her grandchildren.

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