Liz Hines – epitome of fitness

Birthday girl Liz Hines and excercise instructor Marg McLean celebrate Liz's 90th birthday. 159016

By Justin Flynn

Liz Hines pulls out her smartphone, makes a few swipes on the screen and asks a friend to take a picture of her.
She has just completed an exercise session at Ocean Grove’s Uniting Church hall run by instructor Marg McLean.
Liz is about to turn 90. She dons a jester’s hat and has a picture taken, but takes it off when it comes time for a newspaper photograph.
“I don’t want to look too stupid for a newspaper photo,” she says.
Liz attends the exercise session held each Monday. She’s been doing so for 30 years.
To say that she is switched on for her age is a massive understatement. Her energy and wit is evident from the moment you meet her.
After the exercise session, the group of 15 to 20 women who attend each week have morning tea. There is a cake for Liz, who is just two days shy of 90.
Two of her four children were born on her birthday.
“I’ve never really got to celebrate my birthday properly,” she says.
“It’s always been about them, but this time I’m going to make sure I celebrate it.”
For her special day, Liz is getting taken out for dinner – she doesn’t know where – but it’s the Geelong vs Hawthorn qualifying final that’s really looking forward to on the big screen.
“We’re going to smash them,” Liz says waving her arms around. Of course, she is referring to her beloved Cats.
Although Liz lives in Leopold, she makes the trip to Ocean Grove each week for the session.
“She’s fit and so energetic,” instructor Marg says. “She’s just wonderful.”