Responsible waste makes the world go round

The Surf Coast community can have a say on a draft plan to avoid waste, increase resource recovery and regenerate nature.

The council will seek community feedback on the draft Circular Economy Action Plan during an eight-week community engagement period from March 1.

Councillor Mike Bodsworth said a circular economy kept valuable resources in use for as long as possible by reusing, repairing, sharing and recycling.

“A circular economy will help us manage materials responsibly, where possible reusing rather than simply consuming, while still enabling sustainable economic growth,” he said.

“Everyone has a role to play, from the broader community through to industry, businesses, research and education facilities, and all tiers of government.

“By developing this action plan, we will enable greater focus and guidance on priority areas to work towards a low-waste future.”

The three-year plan operates across five priority areas: avoiding waste and increasing resource recovery, maximising reuse, innovation and collaboration, creating systems change, and advocacy.

Mr Bodsworth said community targets included reducing waste to landfill per household, increased resource recovery, and reducing food and garden waste to landfill.

“There are lots of great circular economy initiatives already operating in our communities and a strong local interest in environmental leadership,” he said.

“I’m sure local circular economy champions will take a keen interest in the plan and its implementation in collaboration with the council.

“This will in turn help reduce greenhouse gas emissions and protect our people, our place and our environment.”

Visit to find a copy of the draft action plan and engagement details and provide feedback.