Mexico beckons

Ben Considine is headed to the prestigious Mexi Log Fest.

Local surfer Ben Considine has been invited to the prestigious Mexi Log Fest.
The Mexi Log Fest is a classic longboard surf and lifestyle festival in Saladita, Guerrero, Mexico.
Ben will head to Mexico on 14 April for the huge festival, which runs from 29 April to 6 May.
The Mexi Log Fest is a surf invitational, music festival, and chance to educate locals and visitors alike about La Saladita’s sustainable initiatives. This surf invitational stands apart from others because of the attendees it attracts. People who value the grace, style, and good nature of noseriding. Travellers who respect the land, ocean, and local people. Mindful and fun-loving individuals with an ear on the pulse of international surfing excellence.
Ripcurl and Southcoast Surfboards have organised a Go Fund Me page ( for Ben with prizes of a Ripcurl clothes pack, a surfboard and a surf print to help him out as its a a big deal in the longboard world