Big screen adventure

Ocean Grove video editor Alex Evans and The Big Wave Project's Tom Bonython at Alex's office. 167834

Ocean Grove video editor Alex Evans played a major role in Tim Bonython’s epic new surf movie, The Big Wave Project: A Band of Brothers.
Alex colour-graded the entire film from his office on The Terrace in collaboration with Bonython.
Bonython is a surf photographer and film-maker and his latest movie is about big-wave surfing and was filmed all over the world.
“It was a lot of work to do in one week,” Alex said.
“Tim was here for the whole week and essentially we fitted in two weeks worth of work into one.”
The movie will feature in the Australia Surf Movie Festival and will screen in 24 different venues, including Geelong, in six different states.
“Being a surfer it’s something I’m interested in and Tim shoots the most amazing stuff and is a really nice guy,” Alex said.
“I probably watched the film five times in the week he was here but you have to look at it technically and not get too carried away with the actual movie. There are some pretty amazing moments that he captured.”
One of the those moments was the near-death of surfer Aaron Gold, who was brought back to life by his big-wave surf ‘brothers’ on a boat after being unconscious underwater for two minutes after a wipe out at Cloudbreak, Fiji. Bonython got the entire rescue on film.
The Big Wave Project: A Band of Brothers can be seen at Village Cinemas in Geelong on Saturday 3 June, at 4pm. Tickets from