Cancer fundraiser three years in the making

Leone Clay, Janet McLennan, event organiser May Ayres and Susie Stevens. (pictures Justin Flynn)

By Justin Flynn

More than 90 women dressed in pink, sang along to a Neil Diamond cover singer, enjoyed a drag queen show, sipped bubbly and generally had a great time at Ocean Grove Golf Club to raise money for breast cancer research.

Organised by local May Ayres, the event was three years in the making.

“For three years I’ve wanted to run an event for breast cancer and with COVID and other commitments it couldn’t happen,” she said.

“So I decided this year would be the best time to run it as we’ve all come off a bad year with COVID.

“There have been a lot of women that are in seclusion and sacred to come out. The response is amazing.”

Ms Ayres said she didn’t know how much money would be raised for Breast Cancer Network Australia, but 92 women attended the fundraiser, which included food, drink, raffles, door prizes, gifts and entertainment.

“Whatever we raise will be fantastic to get anything to contribute to breast cancer research,” she said.

“We’ve got some ladies here today who are survivors and some who are currently fighting it.

“Everyone knows someone either as a family member or a friend who has got breast cancer.

“It was the opportune time to bring this to the forefront.”

Ms Ayres said she initially wanted to hold the event at her home, but it soon outgrew that idea.

“I wanted to run it at my home and I was going to do a smaller affair out of the house and in the garden,” she said.

“But with the weather so unpredictable, I thought I should take it indoors. Then I thought if I’m going to do it, let’s do it big.

“I’m just overwhelmed at the response. I’m humbled at the generosity.”