Perfect storm for dental issues

Ocean Breeze Dental. (Supplied)

Don Ho, owner of Ocean Breeze Dental in Ocean Grove, acknowledges that the past year has propelled a renewed focus on an understanding of our overall health and wellbeing.

He says that one area, however, that appears to have regretfully suffered is dental health.

“With much of our community having worked and studied from home for extended periods of last year, daily routines have been strongly disturbed,” Don says. “Personal daily dental hygiene regimes, many of which had previously been long-established prior to COVID were neglected and set on the back-burner.

“This, combined with increased snacking throughout the day, and restrictions on dental practices, has provided the perfect storm for dental and gum disease to once again take hold of the health of many whose dental health had previously been stable and healthy.”

Ocean Breeze Dental has a strong focus on preventative and conservative dentistry, with an objective just as strong as ever for a predictable and stable healthy oral environment conducive to overall health.

“We have been able to witness the strengthening of our local community, and also welcomed many new residents who found the debacle of last year to be the push they needed to commit to their years-long dream of relocating to our town,” Don continues.

“Caring for our new and established locals – ranging from younger families to retirees –we are committed to forming and continuing long-standing relationships with our patients by restoring their optimal dental health, and maintaining this through a well-considered maintenance scheme.”

Don notes that now, with the easing of restrictions and a return to a somewhat pre-pandemic time, it is crucial for people’s wellbeing that they return to their former health patterns. This includes regular check-ups, with both a doctor and a dentist, to ensure optimal, healthy and stable dental health, an integral part to feeling their best.

“With so many families and friends reuniting after more than a year apart, now more than ever is the time to ensure your smile is looking good.”

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