College raises the bar

Captain Peter Hobbs with Bellarine Christian College students, who raised more than $1800 in two hours. 154940


CHRISTIAN College was a shining light for the Salvation Army – after a disappointing first weekend of its annual doorknock in the rest of Geelong.
The college raised $1800 in two hours for the charity’s Red Shield Appeal, which Bellarine Salvos Captain Peter Hobbs described as a super effort.
“It was freezing cold and we’re so grateful for their effort,” he said.
“They were happy they could raise so much in so little time.”
The college has been involved in the appeal for at least a decade.
Despite donations being down in Geelong by 27 per cent, Capt Hobbs said donations were only slightly down across the Peninsula.
He said Bellarine residents raised $15,000, with an estimated $4500 coming from Ocean Grove and two individual donations of $500.
Capt Hobbs said Bellarine Salvos were on track to reach their target of $30,000 in the final weekend of the doorknock (4 to 5 June).
Capt Hobbs said the money raised was vital for the Salvos’ programs for the homeless and he encouraged locals to donate at
“There are people sleeping in their cars, addicted to ice and struggling with family violence,” he said.
Salvos Captain Craig Wood said last year that Geelong received nearly every dollar back fivefold, with the Salvos allocating about $500,000 for local homeless and disadvantaged support.
“The need’s far greater in Geelong than what’s given,” Capt Wood said.
Donations for the Red Shield Appeal after the first weekend were $64,412, down on $88,100 in 2015.
Capt Wood said donations were slightly down across Australia over the past five years, because of a crowded fund-raising market and declining economy.
The Salvos raised $1,170,502 in Victoria over the weekend, down seven per cent on last year’s $1,257,173.