Paths plan set, now for the cost

OVER 800 residents have responded to an Ocean Grove footpath survey, contributing valuable information used by the City of Greater Geelong to produce the Principal Pedestrian Network for Ocean Grove.
The City’s city services acting general manager Vicki Shelton said the purpose of the survey was to identify a preferred footpath network and explore how the new infrastructure should be funded.
“We recognise access to a continuous network of footpaths promotes health, improves safety, and advances accessibility while reducing car dependence,” Ms Shelton said.
However, many streets in Ocean Grove remain without footpaths.
The Ocean Grove Structure Plan, G21 Principal Bike Network and Town Centre Urban Design Framework all identify the need to improve footpath and cycling connections.
Ms Shelton said the volume of survey responses demonstrated the strong commitment Ocean Grove residents had to their community.
“Path safety was the most important characteristic identified by respondents,” she said.
“Over 400 respondents requested pedestrian crossing improvements, at 71 locations. After reviewing these requests 18 crossing upgrades have been included.”
The network includes 27km of footpaths and shared pathways, an increase from 18km in the initial draft.
Eighty-two percent of all survey respondents said the costs of new footpaths should be shared beyond immediately abutting property owners, either through a sliding scale applied to properties within 400m of the footpaths (26 per cent) or by having all property owner in Ocean Grove contribute to the new paths (56 per cent).
On the basis of community feedback the City is designing a special charge scheme.
“We haven’t committed to a final model. We are using the survey feedback to assess the costs and benefits for individuals and the legalities of potential funding models,” Ms Shelton said.
Ms Shelton said community consultation would remain central to the City’s approach in administering a special charge.
“In the new year there will be a vote by affected property owners to decide if a scheme should go ahead,” she said.
A copy of the Principal Pedestrian Network for Ocean Grove is available from the Ocean Grove Customer Service Centre, corner Presidents Avenue and The Avenue or online at

Find the report here