Be a plover lover

Hooded plovers. 153004

FOR many of our local residents, like the hooded plovers (Thinornis rubricollis), spring and summer is an important time of new beginnings.
Along the Ocean Grove coast, ‘hoodies’ are breeding, nesting and raising their young between September and March.
They create shallow depressions (called scrapes) just above the high tide mark where they will lay one or two eggs.
These birds are listed as vulnerable in Victoria and their choice of nesting site means they are in direction competition with humans and animals at the busiest time of the year. Disturbance can drive them away from their nest and chicks.
But you can play a role in protecting the hoodies. Ocean Grove Coastcare is calling on volunteers to cast a watchful eye on the hoodie nesting sites during the annual Rip to River Fun Run to be held on 31 December.
If you are able to lend a hand contact Andrea Dennett or