Push to save old cottage

Phil Browning wants to see this old cottage preserved. Picture: Justin Flynn 195086

By Justin Flynn

An Ocean Grove man wants an old stable cottage preserved with developers eyeing off an apartment block on the site.

Phil Browning said the cottage, on Tuckfield Street, was slated for demolition to make way for apartments.

Mr Browning said the cottage dates back to the late 19th century or early 20th century.

“It’s probably the oldest building of its kind in Ocean Grove,” he said.

“It’s in a heritage area and if something could be done to save it, that would be great.”

The cottage and surrounding area was once a horse stables and track and trained several Melbourne Cup winners, Mr Browning said.

“I feel there’s a heritage value here,” he said.

Development of 63-71 Tuckfield Street involves buildings and works for the construction of 10 dwellings, demolition of outbuildings and fencing, removal of vegetation (including native) and alteration of access to a road zone category one.

The cottage is classed as an outbuilding.

“I’m not sure why it would be classed as an outbuilding, which is what I would call a laundry or something similar,” Mr Browning said.

“I just want to put it to people out there to see what they think.

“If the majority don’t have a problem with the cottage going then so be it, I can live with that.

“But at least I can say I’ve done everything I can.”

Planning permits for the development have already been approved.

Building permits are still forthcoming.

“If nothing can be done, then I will accept it,” Mr Browning said.

“Perhaps people out there won’t mind that’s it’s coming down.

“That’s totally fine with me, but I’d hate to see it go.”

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