Lightmare making a splash

Jackson Young, Elphie Coyle, Ty Love and Jacob Marriott. (supplied)

Lightmare Studios is one of our own.

The beloved Australian, Indie Game Development Studio has spanned 16 years and become a respected Australian institution in not just the game development industry, but the education and the broader disability sectors as well.

It first made a huge splash on gaming platform Steam, putting Australia on the map with its trading card game (TCG) title, gaining over half a million players worldwide and securing the Best in Play award at the Game Developers Conference in San Francisco.

They won both Victorian and international innovation in training awards for its educational programs, helping over 3000 school aged students begin their journeys to careers in the digital fields through employment in traineeships.

Now, with over 30 percent of those in the digital industries being on the spectrum or having another form of disability, the company now has an industry leading offering, inviting those with disabilities to join its team of passionate game developers to share their love of playing and making video games.

Access to its veteran team was previously only available to select students who’ve partaken in Lightmare masterclasses, by studying with their partner organisations including Swinburne University and Holmesglen Institute.

Participants in their Lightmare Social Games Community can now learn and practice social skills in a setting they’re comfortable with, engage with a sophisticated methodology built from industry knowledge, discover more about the games development process, now including AI tools, and make friendships in a safer environment that avoids the dangers and toxicity we all face online.

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