Is it time to down-size?

The team at KG Lawyers are your conveyancing professionals.

Selling the family home can feel like selling memories.

The legalities of conveyancing – paperwork, contracts, negotiations – can add unwelcome stress to the emotional upheaval.

Retirement villages, once painted as gilded cages, now shimmer with promises of vibrant courtyards and laughter-filled moments with new friends. Is it the best option for you?

KG Lawyers are your conveyancing professionals, with years of experience in land law, and can guide you through both paths with practised grace.

Whether navigating the paperwork of conveyancing or deciphering the retirement village legalese, we ensure every step is smooth and sure.

Our team has extensive experience and expertise and can guide our clients through the legal complexities of their individual stage in life with confidence, whether it be Conveyancing, Wills and Enduring Powers of Attorney or Probate and Estate Administration.

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