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Are homemade wills legal in Australia?

In short, yes. Homemade wills, also known as DIY wills, are legal in Australia. The idea of drafting a will at home may seem appealing due to its cost-effectiveness, however, it also carries risks.

The primary concern is the potential for errors, which can lead to disputes,

delays, and additional costs in the future. Engaging a lawyer to prepare your will can provide peace of mind.

At KG Lawyers, we have the necessary legal knowledge and experience to ensure that your will is valid and accurately reflects your wishes.

Our experienced practitioners can provide advice on complex issues specific to your circumstances, which are often overlooked in homemade wills.

We can also review your current will, especially after significant life events such as marriage, divorce, or the birth of a child, and we can store your will in safe custody for you.

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