Stress-free property deals

Eleanor Cahill, Madi Scheiner and Laura Watkins. (Louisa Jones)

Madi Scheiner, property lawyer/conveyancer from Cahill Rowe, notes that the property market in the Geelong and Surf Coast areas is booming.

She sees the law practice playing a part in helping the region flourish by helping clients in ways that other conveyancers can’t.

Madi explains that Cahill Rowe Conveyancing, as property lawyers and conveyancing experts, offers a complete service, from start to finish.

“This means that we can provide advice and assistance across a wide array of legal services, which translates to our clients not having to be referred to other professionals,” she says. “This definitely saves our clients both money and stress.

“We offer to anyone buying, selling, subdividing or transferring property in Victoria an initial free, no-obligation consultation to work out how we can best assist.

“Getting the right advice when dealing with property matters is absolutely essential, and the way we operate can save our clients a lot of time and money in the long run.

“It’s often things that could have been fixed very easily if caught in time that cause the biggest headaches.”

Madi says she’s found that while many firms offer conveyancing services, Cahill Rowe does things differently.

“For example, it’s not often that a client gets to deal with the lawyer who is handling the file on a day-to-day basis.

“Law firms that offer conveyancing services often also have matters that are deemed higher priority as they may be more valuable to the firm. But here, conveyancing matters are our highest priority – plus we can provide other services such as building contract reviews, and loan and trust/entity advice.

“We truly are the often touted ‘one-stop’ conveyancing shop!”

Madi, who is passionate about property law, is responsible for all conveyancing matters. And she says that she’s dedicated to providing her clients with reliable and efficient advice.

“Other team members include conveyancing clerks, Laura and Eleanor. Laura is a recent law graduate and works full-time with us, and Eleanor works part-time while also studying law.

“They’re smart, friendly women who share my interest in property law and go out of their way to make sure clients are looked after well.

“We all really enjoy helping our clients, whether through a happy first-home purchase or closing out a stressful and emotional property transfer attached to a separation. Taking the stress out of transactions and providing peace of mind is what we’re all about.”

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