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Esther Lauaki

Winter is here and, Greg Parker-Hill of Pivot Stove and Heating is the man to assist you with all your wood heating needs.

Greg’s family started Pivot Stove in Geelong in 1876 and he’s now chief executive of the business.

“I was brought up doing what I do now,” he says.

“Fifteen years ago when my parents retired, my wife Tammie and I took over Pivot Stove, making us the sixth generation owners.

“I love what we do. I love the fact I’ve installed over 10,000 heaters in Geelong and now have the experience and passion to keep Pivot focused on customers’ needs and have a great crew working with us to keep doing what we love to do.”

Greg says wood heating is often misunderstood and he wants to clear up some of the most common misconceptions.

“Wood heating is one of the most natural ways to heat your home,” he says.

“There is something about the heat, the ambiance and satisfaction of splitting wood and making fire to heat you home.

“Customers ask: ‘Is it true that wood heaters can no longer be turned down, so they don’t burn overnight any more?”

“Yes and no,” Greg says.

“To comply with the new standards that wood heaters have to produce less smoke some manufacturers, but not all, adjust their heaters so they burn hot all the time to make their heaters pass this standard.

“We have heaters made in Canada called Pacific Energy – these countries need to have their heaters burning all day, and all night long, to keep their homes warm in the winters.

“These heaters are built with ways to re-burn the smoke to reduce the emissions, this way you can fill the firebox up with wood, close the air control and have your fire burning 15 hours later.”

For those wondering if wood heaters will be banned in the future, Greg says customers will be future-proofed if they purchase with Pivot Stove.

“There is always talk about wood heater smoke, that is why we have focused on heaters we sell to have the cleanest burning possible,” he says.

“In areas of New Zealand they banned wood heaters, but you could still put one in your home as long as it had extraordinary low smoke emissions. We are lucky these heaters are what we specialise in so in the future, if the councils do make stringent changes, we can still sell wood heaters.”

Pivot Stove and Heating, 234-238 Moorabool Street, Geelong. Inquiries: 1300 474 868,
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