Singh’s all about the song

Jason Singh in Ocean Grove before the release of his new single 'Strangers'. 169423

By Justin Flynn

Former Taxiride front man Jason Singh is about to embark on a tour with iconic band Hanson and is loving life in his new home town of Ocean Grove.
The 43-year-old singer/songwriter moved the Ocean Grove about 12 months ago with his wife and young children.
“We’ve holidayed here the past six or seven years. We still have our holiday house and my wife won’t let me sell it – she adores it,” he said.
“I love everything about living down here. I love the people, we have fantastic neighbours, there’s honestly nothing I don’t love. Everyone is so supportive.”
Singh released his new single ‘Strangers’ on 16 June. It’s a strong power ballad and a definite shift from his usual style.
“This song has pushed me down a new path. It doesn’t matter how it’s received,” he said.
“If it connects with just five people then that’s fine with me.”
Taxiride enjoyed two No 1 albums on the ARIA charts with Imaginate (1999) and Garage Mahal (2002) and Singh doesn’t shy away from his success with the band.
“I’m proud of what we did,” he said.
“We didn’t talk for 10 years and we’ve mended all the bridges. I don’t want to shake it off because you can’t change where you come from. It’s been very liberating for me as a performer and writer. But as a songwriter you can step out more on your own. People will still hear a lot Taxiride because I was in the band and I wrote the songs.”
Singh’s tour with Hanson, which is most famous for its 1997 hit ‘MMMBop’, but still enjoys success today, kicked off on 15 June in Perth and takes in Adelaide, two shows in both Melbourne and Sydney, Gold Coast and Brisbane.
“People still look at them as these kids from Hanson, but they’ve really developed into quality musicians in their own right,” Singh said.
“It’s a perfect fit. Musically, we’re not that far apart and we’ve evolved and moved in a similar direction. I’m driving to Adelaide and up to Sydney. I’m keeping it real and not getting ahead of myself. I’m looking forward to getting in the car and driving to a gig for a change.”
For Singh, the future is about stepping out of his comfort zone, starting with ‘Strangers’, which he wrote and recorded at home in Ocean Grove.
“It’s a huge step for me especially after the six singles I released last year,” he said.
“I just feel comfortable in my own skin and age. I put a mantra above my computer at home that says ‘Be completely vulnerable’. I think it’s a good mantra going into my forties to be completely honest with myself. It’s where I’m at right now. It’s (‘Strangers’) a story about love and everyone knows what that feels like. It’s always a bit of a journey to do a ballad. The mask is off. It’s just the piano and my voice.”