Trash queen of cabaret

Tash York brings Happy Hour to the Potato Shed. (Alexis Dea Lea Photography)

The self-styled Trash Queen of Australian cabaret Tash York has a simple message: it is okay to do what makes you happy.

York brings her show Tash York’s Happy Hour to the Potato Shed, a glorious spectacle aiming to help everyone leave the troubles at the door.

Written during lockdowns, York’s show explores self-care, in whatever form it takes.

“Happy Hour was a show I wrote during and coming out of the pandemic times, and I found it really interesting that lots of people reverted back to their happy places in order to cope and survive through that period,” York said.

“A lot of people went back to stuff that they used to do as kids, or things like knitting or sewing or reading or art. Some people got really hectic about sourdough for a while.

“And I feel like as much as the lockdowns and the pandemic brought so much distress and horrible things, that idea of doing stuff that makes you happy for the sake of doing it is something we kind of lost over the years, and (the lockdown period) really brought that back.

“So this show is kind of a celebration, trying to convince people that they’re allowed to do stuff just because it makes them happy and that they’re allowed to find their happy place and find their people and their community as well.”

The show involves York drinking “a pool of red wine”, practising self-care and slaying her insecurities, all the while delivering powerful vocal performances in three-part harmony with the backing artists the Red Red Wines (Peppy Smears and Taco).

“I think the best thing that everyone says about this show is, I feel like I’ve been on a massive night out, but I’m not drunk,” she said.

“It’s kind of that whirlwind of an excellent night out… that feeling of reckless abandon and pure joy is what I think people really love about this show.

“And there’s also a few choice silly little games in it too, like goon of fortune and me improvising raps about cats that people really enjoy as well.”

Tash York’s Happy Hour is at the Potato Shed on Saturday, May 18.