Reflecting on bathroom encounters

Rosie reflects on all her bathroom encounters while trapped in a flooding toilet cubicle in Overflow. (Credit: Robert Catto)

An emotional yet humorous one-woman play sharing a story of sisterhood and public toilets is coming to the Geelong Arts Centre.

Australia’s first-ever all-trans and gender-non-conforming theatre production team, Darlinghurst Theatre Company, will bring Overflow to The Open House theatre from February 8 to 10.

The 70-minute performance led by proud Gunggari, Lardil and Kullilli woman Thea Raveneau (Rosie) engages with complex and important conversations regarding trans women.

While cornered into a flooding toilet cubicle, Rosie is determined not to be rescued again and distracts herself with memories of bathroom encounters.

The performance reflects on drunken heart-to-hearts by dirty sinks, friendships forged in front of crowded mirrors, and hiding from trouble together.

Geelong Arts Centre chief executive and creative director Joel McGuinness said the centre stood “proudly as a beacon of inclusion”.

“(We’re) fostering safe spaces for LGBTQIA+ and gender diverse communities by embracing diverse narratives,” he said.

“We send a powerful message that art transcends boundaries, celebrating the beauty of every unique story in a welcoming and affirming environment that breeds creativity.”

Geelong Arts Centre’s head of programming Penny McCabe said that “showcasing diverse stories on stage” was at the heart of the centre’s programming.

“Through celebrating diverse narratives, we aim to reflect the spectrum of human experiences, fostering empathy, understanding and connection among our audiences,” she said.

Tickets for Overflow at the Geelong Arts Centre are available at or by calling the Box Office on 1300 251 200