Upset loss before Christmas break

Club Grove Division 5 Skipper Peter Crammond. 202441

Ocean Grove suffered an upset loss to Bareena in Round 10 of Geelong Bowls Region’s Premier Division on Saturday.

The loss sent Ocean Grove to third place on the ladder.

Ben Wilding, Shane Kinraid, Jim Sullivan and Jacko Mahoney won their rink, but no other rinks emerged victorious.

Ocean Grove second Premier team also suffered a loss – to Highton.

Gary Burkett’s rink, comprising John Gibcus, Geoff Fry and Michael Allen, was the only rink to taste success winning 28 to 21.

Clifton Springs won a thriller, 102 to 96, against Ocean Grove in Division 2.

Warren Davis, Brendan Carroll, Rodney Swan and Andrew Wright enjoyed a 25 to 16 win.

It was a different story in Division 3 with Grove defeating Belmont, 92 shots to 81.

David Stonehouse, David Mackay, Barry Hair and Marianne Rogan had a 28 to 18 rink win to help their side keep top spot on the ladder.

Ocean Grove defeated Torquay in Division 5.

The bottom placed Torquay took it right up to the third-placed Grove.

Grove prevailed 100 to 83 with Thomas Henderson skipping his rink of Faye Bowyer, Anne Way and Phillip Lock to a 23 to 13 triumph.

Ocean Grove defeated top side Geelong Cement in Division 6.

The win put the Grovers into fourth spot with a two-game buffer from three other sides.

Greg Carbines skipped his rink of Douglas Wignall, Bryan Olsen and Robin Brache to a 29 to 16 win in the overall 97 to 85 victory.

Ocean Grove sits second on the Division 8 ladder after disposing of St Leonards, 84 to 51.

Graeme constable, Bob Nicol, Ian Walker and Marene Turnley had the closest win out of the three rinks, 21 to 19.

Ocean Grove lost its Division 10 match against Barwon Heads by four shots.

Both rinks had tight tussles with the Heads prevailing in both by one shot against Lorraine Delaney’s rink and three shots against Peter Callander’s.

IN MIDWEEK bowls, Ocean Grove defeated St Leonards in Division 1.

Faye Richardson skipped her rink of David Rudge, Marg Carroll and Rod Brehaut to a good win to keep top spot on the ladder.

In Division 2, Grove 2 defeated Torquay and Grove 3 lost to Geelong.

Grove 2 sits on top of the ladder while Ocean Grove 3 is on the bottom.

However, Grove 3 took it right up to Geelong and only went down by six shots with Marlene Sutton guiding her rink to a 31 to 15 win.

Grove 2 got the job done by three shots with Pat Virtue’s rink on top.

Lara and Ocean Grove fought out a thrilling tie in Division 3.

Both sides won, lost and tied a rink with Grove’s Lyn Stonehouse, Douglas Gorwell, Nancy Quinton and David Stonehouse coming out on top.

Grove lost its Division 5 match to Anglesea with Kerrin Simpson skipping her rink to the only win of the game.

Queenscliff proved too good for Grove in Division 7.