A true Bears champion

Simon Murry played his first A Grade game at 17. (Kingsley Collins)

Simon Murry played his first game of A Grade baseball at the age of 17.

Now in his 24th season, there was very little chance that Murry wasn’t going to end up with a Bellarine Bears cap on his head on most weekends in winter having been introduced to the game club by his father Keith.

In classic country sports-club tradition, Simon’s mother Lyn was treasurer while Keith was president and ran the canteen and sister Denise scored.

Murry has played in numerous representative teams for Geelong and the Commonwealth Cup for Victoria.

Since first being promoted to A Grade in 1995, he has never played regularly at a lower level.

Murry is regarded as a valued and reliable teammate who is consistently voted most valuable player by his peers including opposition coaches.

His coach and captain of many years, Wayne Visser, said that ‘Muzza’ is the guy on the team you wish you had nine more of.

“Whenever we are in trouble we call on him. His dedication in driving at least an hour to make training on a Thursday night just shows you his passion for the game and love for his club,” Visser said.

Murry has recently introduced the next generation of Murrys into the sport with his son Mason joining the Bears’ Sunday morning teeball program at Wallington Recreation Reserve.

Not surprisingly Mason is a champion slugger and very comfortable on the baseball diamond.

When asked the best thing about his dad playing for the Bears, five-year-old Mason said: “Daddy looks awesome when he hits the ball really far. He used to run fast but doesn’t now.”

“Being a Bear is a massive part of who Simon is,” wife Kate said.

“Having been a part of his life for so long, calling the club family and pulling on the blue and red is second nature to him. He is enormously proud of the Bears, its players and its future.

“His dedication, commitment and reliability to the club over the years has been unwavering. When he steps on the ground it’s obvious that he is a well-liked and respected member of the baseball community which is special to see.”


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