Witnesses wanted to dog attack

Genevieve with Freddy. 166626

By Justin Flynn

Genevieve Gange is desperately appealing for witnesses who may have seen a dog attack on The Terrace in Ocean Grove.
Genevieve said her much-loved cavoodle Freddy was attacked outside the Olive Pit cafe on the morning of Friday 24 March by an unknown large dog, while its owners were seated at the cafe.
Genevieve said there was also another large dog with the couple which may have been a Malamute.
Freddy had his neck and back broken in the attack and was put down by a veteranarian immediately after the attack.
Police advised Genevieve that it is a council matter and that she will need to find witnesses or provide CCTV footage.
“As you can imagine we are broken hearted and shocked at the tragic and incredible violence in our lovely home town,” Genevieve said.
“Maybe someone could have taken a mobile phone shot. It was clear Freddy was very badly injured; he was totally limp, silent and his eyes rolled back and he was struggling to breathe. I was in such shock of the event that I do not know who handed him to me but I immediately went to my friend’s ute and he drove me to the vet.”
If you have any information relating to this event or know the owners, you can contact the Voice at newsdesk@voicegroup.com.au