Walk the estuary

An aerial view of the estuary. 157367

THE Barwon Estuary Project combines arts and science to increase the local community’s understanding, appreciation and care for the biodiversity of the Barwon estuary.
The community initiative will include a number of artistic and scientific activities over the next two years, including workshops, guided walks, lectures and exhibitions.
The project will culminate in the production of community-generated Journal of the Barwon Estuary, celebrating the seasonal changes in the estuary and an it’s ecological and cultural importance.
Register now for the first of a series of four seasonal guided walks along the estuary. The winter walk will be held on Sunday 14 August, from 2pm to 4pm. Meet at the car park opposite Pelican Court, in Barwon Heads.
Kate Wynn, co-ordinator of Estuary Watch, will increase understanding of the water and its processes, and Cassy Twomey, horticulturalist and botanical artist, will explore the intriguing winter flora of the estuary.
There are limited places still available for this activity, and registration is essential.
To join this free community activity, email contact details (name, email address, mobile phone number) to barwonestuary@gmail.com