Locals fuming at trashy behaviour

The mess allegedly left by a group of teenagers at Blue Waters Lake 153580


OCEAN Grove locals are venting their frustration after vandals trashed Blue Waters Lake during the Anzac long weekend.
An upset Blue Waters Drive resident spoke to The Voice but wished to remain anonymous for fear that vandals would target her house.
“We are just getting sick of it,” she said.
“We try to look after the place but some people don’t have any respect or don’t care.”
The resident first saw about 10 teenagers at the lake on Anzac Day.
“They were all just sitting there near the lake,” she said.
She said she left the house with her partner, and when they returned, the teenagers were beginning to make a mess.
“We noticed a trolley of grog and thought this looks this looks risky,” she said.
“The next minute there was an oven in there, then a wardrobe as well.”
The trolley also went in the lake, along with a couch, which the resident said had been put out for hard rubbish the week before.
The resident went to the Ocean Grove Police Station and she said police later moved the teenagers on.