Safety a concern in street survey

OCEAN Grove’s footpath upgrade is one step closer after Geelong council released the results of a survey of local residents.
The council’s engineering services unit is reviewing the responses and preparing a final draft of the proposed network.
The council’s city services general manager William Tieppo said survey participation was very high, with 838 surveys completed.
“A total of 950 project brochures were distributed and there were 2500 views of the project website.”
The majority of survey respondents were satisfied with the council’s draft footpath network, with 62 per cent requesting no changes, Mr Tieppo said.
“There will be further consultation with the community later in the year.”
Safety was the factor listed by the majority of respondents followed by accessibility and ease of walking.
Respondents said 120 sites needed improved lighting and 400 sites needed pedestrian crossing upgrades, and made 120 suggestions for new or improved resting places.
Mr Tieppo said there had been requests for crossing upgrades at the Shell Road roundabout, and the Wallington Road-Guthridge Street, Shell-Aldebaran roads and Presidents Avenue-Orton Street intersections.
He said these would be evaluated and would form part of the next phase of the community consultation process.
Mr Tieppo said the council provided $95,000 in its 2016/17 budget to continue the consultation and preliminary design works for the project.
Residents will pay for half of the project, but the council is yet to announce how its Special Charge Scheme will work.
Either residents adjoining new footpaths will pay, residents will pay based on their proximity to new footpaths or all Ocean Grove residents will contribute.