Fresh blood for doorknock

Back, from left: Dan Roddis, Tom Beasley, Bill Foord-Engelsman and Nathan Madden. Front: Kath Wade, Jill Graham, Peter Hawthorne, Paul Jubber and Barbara Dix. 150718


LOCAL Rotarians joined forces with the Ocean Grove Cricket Club and cyclists yesterday, as they began their yearly Red Cross Appeal.
Event co-ordinator Peter Hawthorne was stoked to have extra volunteers collecting in hilly areas – where some of the older Rotarians struggle.
“Together with our dwindling supply of elderly Rotarians, we have about 50 people helping us with the Red Cross Appeal,” he said.
Ocean Grove Cricket Club captain-coach Paul Jubber said at least 10 cricketers would be collecting to get some “young blood” into the appeal.
“We’re aware that the community puts a lot into our club – so we’re looking to give back,” he said.
“We see it as very important to give to those less fortunate.”
A local cycling group added an extra $2000 to roughly $10,000 raised by Rotarians last year.
Jill Graham, 66, is one of the cyclists pitching in again this month.
While she and husband John have helped with the appeal for a few years, last year they convinced their cycling group to get involved too.
“Cyclists always get pointed out and called a nuisance,” she said.
“So we decided as a group we’d do something for the community.”
Last year dismounted group members collected along the hilly stretches of Wallington Road, and Jill was amazed by the local generosity.
“We had no trouble getting money – people were always willing to give,” she said.
“We had some interesting episodes where people came out in their underwear, but we got past that.”
Jill said cycling group is quite fit, despite many members being in their sixties or seventies.
“We are certainly not retired from life!” she said.
Peter also gave a special mention to two long-time collectors, Kath Wade and Barbara Dix, who last year collected $527 between.
The appeal began yesterday and will continue until Easter.