Quartet with Ocean Grove flavour

Tony Wright, Bryan Eaton and Majella O'Connor. 164161

The stage at Geelong Repertory Theatre’s upcoming production of ‘Quartet’ will take on a heavily Ocean Grove-influenced theme.
The play recounts the story seen in the recent popular movie of the same name, starring Billy Connolly, Maggie Smith, Tom Courtney and Pauline Collins.
Four retired opera singers in a retirement home face not only the vicissitudes of ageing, but also the need to collaborate to sing one of their greatest successes from a time long, long ago, the quartet from Act 3 Scene 1 of Guiseppe Verdi’s classic opera, Rigoletto.
And that’s where the Ocean Grove flavour gets mixed into the recipe.
The play is directed by Ocean Grove resident Geoff Gaskill, a popular and established Geelong Repertory director and performer.
The other Grove residents are Majella O’Connor who plays the flighty Cissy Robson and Bryan Eaton is the eccentric Reginald Paget.
To anchor the connection with the Bellarine Peninsula, a Point Lonsdale resident, who shops regularly in Ocean Grove, Tony Wright plays the role taken in the movie by Billy Connolly.
The play opens on 3 February at the Woodbin Theatre, Coronation Street, Geelong West and tickets may be obtained by contacting GPAC on 5225 1200 or online at www.GPC.org.au.