Travel easy with help from friends

Carol on the bike in Vietnam. 158388

ON the beautiful Bellarine Peninsula, the vibrant and enthusiastic team at helloworld Ocean Grove and Drysdale are a proud part of the local community, being locally owned and operated by Nicole Bryan and Lesley Judd in Ocean Grove and Carol McCarthy in Drysdale.
After a decade of escorting groups and with the demand for group tours growing in the area, they set up a dedicated website Bellarine Escorted Journeys with a focus on authentic, unforgettable group travel experiences for people of all ages.
their clients on the Bellarine Peninsula and beyond welcome the opportunity to meet other passionate travellers and share their journey with like-minded people.
The fully escorted group tours are perfect for solo travellers, couples, groups, or people wanting to make new connections through a shared experience.
Whether you’re heading overseas for the first time or are a well seasoned traveller, being accompanied by a professional tour escort means every detail is taken care of so you can relax and enjoy your travel experience. The tour escort takes care of all the details from beginning to end, including flights, hotels, transport, transfers, most meals and sightseeing. Tours range from slow and dreamy to fast-paced and action packed and can cater for all budgets. They also have the advantage of getting great group discounts.
You can view all their fully escorted group tours by going to or pop in and grab a brochure.