Graduates make the move to Geelong

Deakin graduates Rosie Neville-Jones holding baby Imogen and Claire Emson. (Supplied)

Deakin University graduates are deciding to continue calling the Geelong region home after their studies.

Rosemary (Rosie) Neville-Jones and Claire Emson graduated from Deakin University on Wednesday, June 19, and decided to make the Geelong region their permanent home.

Ms Neville-Jones moved to Geelong from Melbourne to study psychology and said the region was a lovely place to raise a family as she celebrates graduation with her partner and a new baby.

“There is a good variety of work available for clinical psychologists in the corporate sector, healthcare settings or private practice,” she said.

“I started studying psychology to support my work in marketing but decided that clinical psychology offers a rewarding career that gives me a sense of purpose.

“While studying at Deakin, I also had the opportunity to complete two placements at Barwon Health, which I really enjoyed… I’m looking forward to taking that next step professionally.

Ms Emson moved to Geelong from New Zealand five years ago and said she would continue her studies to PhD level after completing a Master of Philosophy.

“Geelong has a massive research culture, strengthened by the University’s partnership with Barwon Health,” she said.

“My main area of research is viral immunology, where I specifically focus on understanding how our body’s proteins can be harnessed to improve outcomes for influenza patients.

“Identifying proteins that support and promote clearance of infection we can develop new treatments that target these proteins. Our aim is to add this to current available therapies.”

Vice-Chancellor Professor Iain Martin said graduates presented the “quality of the Deakin experience”.

“We believe education transforms lives and in turn, our graduates go on to make a lasting impact in the communities where they live and work,” he said.