Candidates pitch, voters quiz


Eight of the 10 Corangamite seat candidates for the upcoming Federal Election presented their views and policies to locals last night.
The forum, hosted by Barwon Heads Association and Ocean Grove Community Association at Ocean Grove Bowling Club, was attended by about 120 people, who listened to pitches by candidates and had the opportunity to ask questions.
Luis Rowe from the Liberal Democrats and Patrice Nelson from Derryn Hinch’s Justice Party sent apologies, citing other commitments that prevented them from attending.
“It went really well,“ Ocean Grove Community Association secretary Michael Harbour said. “There was a bit of clapping and a bit of booing, but overall, it was held in really good spirit.”
The key subjects that struck a chord with attendees were: marriage equality; climate change; and livestock transportation.
Mr Harbour said the local spate of break-ins was barely discussed. “It was touched upon by some of the candidates and speakers, but there was no specific questions from the public,” he said.
Mr Harbour described the feeling in the room for during the 2 1/2 hour forum as a “nice tension”. “It was controlled and pleasant and people respected the views of everyone even though they might not have agreed with their views,” he said.
“We invited all the candidates, and some of them came up and thanked us for the opportunity to talk to the public. Some had never done this before and were nervous, but they got their chance to put their views forward.”