Mr Guitar to rock ‘n’ roll at Expo

Kane 'Mr Guitar' Whistance, right, will perform at the Geelong Disability Expo with his Leisure Networks support worker Mark Huglin. (Supplied)

Kane ‘Mr Guitar’ Whistance will take to the stage at the Geelong Disability Expo to perform his instrumental set Shadows to ACDC.

Kane, who is visually impaired and has difficulty hearing, will play music from The Shadows (1950s) at 10.30am on February 23.

He said the set will be a “trip down memory lane for older people”, and he looked forward to performing with his Leisure Networks support worker Mark Huglin.

“I taught myself to play by ear, even though my hearing’s buggered…when I played in a band, they complained I had the amp up too loud,” Kane said.

“Performing makes me feel good and really happy…I’m never nervous (about performing) and I’m feeling pretty good about it (the upcoming performance).”

Mr Huglin said he kept the volume down so Kane could hear what he was playing while they performed and busked around Geelong.

“It’s difficult for Kane to hear himself when he’s in a band as there’s too much background sound with the other musicians playing,” he said.

“Performing is a great way for Kane to work on his goals around building his confidence and self-esteem. When he comes back from playing a gig, he’s really pumped.”

Mum Sandra said Kane’s passion for music and the guitar had been a big part of his life and that she was proud to see her son pursuing what he loved.

“When he was little there was an old guitar around the house,” she said.

“It only had three strings, but Kane taught himself to play. His grandpa would sing, and Kane would accompany him. There was always music in the house.”