Lift off for Elaine in record attempt

Masters weightlifting champion Elaine Janes with her multitude of medals and trophies 154393


OCEAN Grove powerhouse Elaine Janes is off to Hobart next month, to attempt a new record at the Australian Masters Weightlifting Championships.
Elaine will attempt the clean and jerk record, for the 70-74 age group in the 63-69kg division.
Elaine said she’s addicted to weightlifting for its benefits. Despite her age she’s on no medication whatsoever.
“It gives you so much energy and keeps you mentally and physically strong,” she said.
“A lot of people my age just want to sit on the couch and watch TV.”
Weightlifting has also helped Elaine fight depression.
“I have no family, so it gives me a purpose,” she said.
“It’s helped me out of a hole before.”
Elaine said people often tell her she doesn’t look like a weightlifter. For her it’s not surprising, she’s a lady who likes to dress up.
“I tell them you don’t have to be big to be strong,” she said.
“It’s all about technique – over the years I’m lifting less but with much better technique.”
The powerlifting pocket-rocket trains three mornings a week and has been with the Geelong Weightlifting club for 12 years.
She came across weightlifting at a healthy living fair, when she was promoting bocce.
“I don’t even play bocce – I was just helping Club Italia,” she said.
Nearby was an unmarked stall with two men and a weightlifting bar.
“My curiosity got the better of me,” Elaine said.
“They talked me into picking up a bar.”
From then on she was hooked, though she didn’t tell anybody she was weightlifting for months.
She’s competed in every state championship since, as well as five world championships.
Elaine will part with her three beloved chooks to go to Hobart, including her photogenic fowl, Flapper, who the Voice met last fortnight.
“I’ll miss them and they’ll miss me – they’re like my children,” she said.