Blister pack recycle initiative

Rotary secretary Rod Bush, Ocean Grove Terrace Pharmacy pharmacist Andrew Rodgers and Rotary president Lynne Carlson with the blister recycle bins. (supplied)

Local pharmacies and Rotary recently trialled recycle bins for medicine blister packs with immediate success.

The trial was part of a Rotary initiative around Geelong funded by a City of Greater Geelong community environmental grant. Highton Rotary’s Barb Sheehan was instrumental in securing the grant.

Highton Rotary and Geelong East Rotary first participated in the trial.

Ocean Grove Terrace Pharmacy also got involved and was the first pharmacy to fill their trial bins.

As a result of its success Rotary Club of Ocean has arranged for the purchase of six new recycling bins which have been placed at the pharmacy.

“Because of the trial we were aware that the community wanted this service,” Chair for the Rotary Community and Environment Committee Pearl Macmillan said.

“I know in a month I store quite a few blister packs myself. People are beginning to realise that we are polluting the planet and there’s more landfill that we can’t get rid of.

“It (the bins) doesn’t cost you anything. We were lucky to be included.”

Ms MacMillan said blister packs often ended in landfill and the ocean.

“We are hoping over time this will become free and the benefits will be felt by everyone,” she said.

The recycling program is run by Pharmacycle.

More information on their processes is available at