Cafe’s fare is in demand


By Justin Flynn

IT’S fair to say that Queen of Tarts is rapidly becoming Ocean Grove’s hotspot for home-cooked comfort food.
Heather McGill opened the cafe on The Terrace only a few months ago and already locals and tourists have cottoned on that it’s the place to be.
“When we opened the door, the cafe was full in five minutes,” Heather said.
“It’s been that way since.”
Heather owned a gift and garden shop in Queenscliff before she made the bold move into the cafe business. Heather left her native Northern Ireland at the age of 16 and prides herself on her cafe’s home-made fare.
“Everything is made here,” she said.
“We do a lot of Irish food, which has been very popular. I can’t believe how many Irish people have been spreading the word.”
Heather was immediately struck with how welcoming the Ocean Grove community has been.
“It’s a really lovely community down here in Ocean Grove,” she said.
“A lot of locals come in every day. One lady has bought a Guinness pie every day for her lunch.”
As there’s no middle man, Heather’s prices are more than competitive. Nothing is over $10 and it has meant that a steady stream of customers have left satisfied.
“You think you’re ahead of it all and you look into the cabinet and it’s gone,” she said.
Heather only had five weeks to prepare the cafe when she received the keys.
“People say it looks quite European when they come in,” she said.
“A lot of people love the old-fashioned music we play and the ice cream and iced coffees will kick in once summer arrives.”