Fighting injustice for 40 years

Joan Calcutt, Barry Calcutt, Pat Reid and Lyn Mulligan. 168385

By Rhonda Matheson-Browne

For 40 years, a visionary group of Ocean Grove locals been a spiritual force behind Oxfam sales, raising $132,000 to fight extreme injustice around the world.
Lyn Mulligan, Joan and Barry Calcutt and Pat Reed have worked together for 40 years raising funds to help those living in poverty, particularly helping those who have survived horrific injustice, famine and war.
The Ocean Grove Uniting Church will continue this tradition, on Saturday 24 June, raising money through their yearly book sale. It will be held at the church hall on the corner of Eggleston Street and the Parade, between 9am and 1pm.
All books are new and will be sold at one-third of the recommended retail price.
Oxfam member Lyn Mulligan said: “The literary editors of major Victorian newspapers have been Oxfam supporters and have donated books reviewed by them to the Oxfam Ocean Grove group.”
“For 25 years we have been holding this book sale on the last Saturday of June and again on the last Saturday of November.”
An international organisation, Oxfam responds to disasters all over the world as well as creating lasting change in poor countries around the world.