Our pie makers on gold-medal gravy train

Ash Clark, Nicole Voigt, Caitlin Houston and Nathan Williams celebrate the Rolling Pin's pie awards. 159442

By Justin Flynn

OCEAN Grove’s iconic Rolling Pin Pie and Cake Shop has done it again.
The award-winning pie shop added to its already impressive haul of trophies with three more gongs at the Great Aussie Pie Competition.
The team’s country lamb and rosemary pie won the overall best pie in the gourmet section and the best pie in the red meat section. They also won the best pie in the breakfast section with the sumptuous breakfast pie.
It didn’t end there.
They also won the best poultry pie with the garlic pepper chicken pie.
Overall they won 12 gold medals, three plaques and a giant trophy at the awards, which judges the best pies in the country.
To put it all into context, Rolling Pin makes the best chicken, best breakfast and best red meat gourmet pies in Australia.
Rolling Pin’s Nathan Williams said the awards were the result of the hard work that his team puts in and that the country lamb and rosemary pie was a staple favourite.
“It’s probably been the most consistent over our 12 years,” he said.
“It would be easy to rest on our laurels, but everyone keeps pushing and trying to improve.”
Rolling Pin’s breakfast pie is a pioneer in pie judging.
The Great Aussie Pie Competition introduced a new category – the best breakfast pie – after the Ocean Grove version.
Despite the awards suggesting that Rolling Pin specialises in gourmet pies, Williams said there are a steady stream of customers who stick to the more simple pies.
“Generally the traditional ones and the ones that people want to eat,” he said.
“It’s about the customer at the end of the day. We have people who come in and say ‘we have friends who said to us to come in and try one of your pies’.”