Staples threat to dogs

The dog owner's backyard with the fencing staples. 158083

AN OCEAN Grove dog owner is concerned that his pets are being targeted in a series of attacks.
The person, who did not wish to be named, had approximately two kilograms of galvanised barbed wire and galvanised barbed fencing supplies spread over a one-metre radius across his backyard lawn, backing onto the Begola Wetlands where the dogs are regularly exercised. The incident occurred on 7 August.
The next attack occurred a week later on Sunday night, 14 August. Another two kilograms of blue galvanised barbed fencing staples were scattered in the same spot across the backyard.
The barbed fencing staples are a specialised item primarily for rural application. Inquiries have revealed they are not stocked at any of the local hardware stores in the Geelong and surrounding suburbs.
“Our dogs are primarily indoor animals that are allowed outside only under supervision,” the pet owner said.
“They are large breeds that should be allowed in the backyard without us having to fear for their safety. At night they sleep in the laundry.
“They never bark at night. During their exercise period their barking is kept to a minimum, no different than the other dogs nearby.”
The pet owner now fears for his dogs’ safety.
“We do not understand why we are being targeted as both dogs are very friendly,” he said.
“The staples on the back lawn are also a hazard to visiting grandchildren and mowing the lawn.”