Probus Club turns 30

Ocean Grove on Barwon Ladies Probus Club celebrated turning 30 recently.

The club formed on Wednesday April 20, 1994, at a meeting convened by Graham Bath of Ocean Grove Rotary Club to consider the formation of a new Ladies’ Probus Club in the area, as the existing clubs had reached their membership limit.

The meeting was held at Collendina Resort Hotel Conference Room and was attended by a large group of ladies, with 41 seeking membership. Pat Herrick gave an address on Probus and what it meant to her.

Following the decision to form the new Probus Club, nominations were then called for office bearers.

Sybil Smith was nominated as inaugural president, which she accepted.

The club celebrated its 30th anniversary with a function at Ocean Grove Golf Club on April 17. The club meets on the third Wednesday of each month at Ocean Grove Golf Club at 9.30am.