Authentic taste of Asia

All natural, all good – that’s Lime Leaf for you.
The Ocean Grove Malay-Asian grocery really is your one-stop shop for do-it-yourself Asian cooking.
And if you don’t feel like doing it all yourself, don’t worry – Curry Pot Thursdays are there to help. Pre-order on Facebook, bring in your own pot and let the chef tailor make a dish to suit you and your family.
Owner Lynne Wilson takes pride in delivering the peninsula an authentic Asian grocery experience.
“I was standing in the supermarket and saw all these packaged foods and thought ‘where is the real food’?” she said.
“I feel like we’ve gotten lost and disconnected from that.”
You can bring your own recipe book in and Lime Leaf will have that ingredient that you simply cannot get. Whether it’s a small handful of that spice you can’t find or if it’s a large order – it doesn’t matter.
“Many people like to cook, but it’s daunting if you have a recipe list that has items you are struggling to find,” Lynne said.
“We encourage people to bring their recipe books in and we can put together the ingredients.”
“We also keep meal packs in the fridge so people can come in grab a pack for dinner.”
Curry Pot Thursdays serve four people and are $20 for vegetarian, $25 for chicken and $30 for beef or lamb. Pre-order on, bring your pot in and any day up to Thursday morning and pick up your freshly and expertly made meal for four between 4pm and 7pm.
Lime Leaf is at 4/96 The Parade, Ocean Grove. Phone 0478-228 470 or email, or better still, go to the Facebook page.