Kate ambassador for Challenge Brain Cancer

Brain cancer patient Emily and Geelong Cats forward Kate Darby. (supplied)

Geelong Cats forward Kate Darby’s passion and drive on the football field is matched by her determination to help others.

Kate has signed on as ambassador for Challenge Brain Cancer and it has been welcomed by Australia’s largest brain cancer support charity, Peace of Mind Foundation.

Challenge Brain Cancer is a virtual fitness event where individuals and teams can sign up to swim, run or bike ride throughout the month of May to fundraise for Peace of Mind Foundation.

“I’m encouraging everyone, no matter your level of fitness, to get behind this fantastic event, which will help Peace of Mind provide hands-on, practical support for people diagnosed with brain cancer,” she said.

“Brain cancer is an insidious disease which kills more people under 40 than any other cancer, and patients and families of all ages need as much support and compassion as possible.

“Challenge Brain Cancer will help fund the vital support programs and services to help patients and their loved ones navigate the incredibly challenging path from diagnosis through to bereavement.”

Founder and chief executive of Peace of Mind Foundation Rebecca Mallett said Challenge Brain Cancer is Peace of Mind’s largest annual fundraiser and thanked Kate for her support.

“We’re thrilled to have Kate join us in support of Challenge Brain Cancer, which will help us continue to help hundreds of families impacted by brain cancer that reach out to us,” she said.

“We are hoping to expand our programs and services because there are so many in need, and so we’re hopeful this year we’ll have a record year for people signing up to our virtual fitness event to Challenge Brain Cancer.”