A celebration of all things Ford

A 1964 Ford Galaxie 500 at last year's All Ford Day. (Ivan Kemp) 324727_09

Geelong’s Eastern Park roars to life this weekend with the highly anticipated 33rd Annual All Ford Day on Sunday, March 17.

With around 1500 cars on display, 300 of those competing in over 30 judged categories, All Ford Day is one of the biggest Ford-branded events in the country.

Event director Nicholas Heath said this year’s event was poised to set a new record in terms of numbers of entrants, and invited people to come down and enjoy the day.

“It’s a fantastic day out of colour and light,” Mr Heath said.

“If you’ve got any interest in motor vehicles of any sort whatsoever it’s fantastic.

“Lots of people just enjoy the day with their family because there’s food stalls, there’s entertainment, there’s all sorts of things going on.

“So just a really great family day out in the park with things to see and people to talk to.”

Mr Heath said the event was a “celebration” of car culture and Ford specifically.

He said while the city’s car manufacturing industry was a thing of the past, that history still resonated culturally through the Geelong of today.

“That means a lot in Geelong, because it’s a Ford town,” Mr Heath said.

“I think if you look at things in Geelong there’s the footy club and then probably the next thing you look at is Ford. So many families have a foundation story around Ford.

“Culturally it’s really important, particularly out in the north. It’s a brand that Geelong identifies with because it’s always been here and continues to be important.

“So many people have fond memories and (All Ford Day) is a chance to relive some of that.”

That rings as true for Mr Heath as for anybody. While this year will mark his eighth year as the event’s director, his family owned long-running dealership Heath Ford and were sponsors of the event when he was a child.

“I used to go along with my father because we sponsored the event in the 70s and early 80s, so we have that family connection,” he said.

“I’ve also got two Ford cars and a truck at the moment, so I’m one of the afflicted as well.”

Go to allfordday.org.au for tickets or more information.