Festivus miracle


It was a Festivus miracle as music lovers proved that a little rain was not going to dampen their enthusiasm for this annual event.
Ocean Grove Park was jumpin’ and jivin’ from the opening set by the Bellarine VET band and continued right through some heavy downfalls until the last act of the night, Monique Brumby.
Organiser Kat De Bruijn said numbers were up this year as around 800 people turned up for a big night out in the park.
Early in the evening it was family time, with some impromptu footy matches going on in the outer and some determined revellers returning after taking the kids home to bed.
“ We were definitely happy to see the numbers up this year despite the weather,” organiser Kat said.
“The traders were really happy and the food was good so we are already planning next year which we will hope will be even bigger.”