Seth’s idea is right up there

Seth Constable being congratulated on becoming a finalist in the competition by Year 10 co-ordinator Brendan O'Brien. 157974

OCEAN Grover Seth Constable is a finalist in the ‘Upstart Challenge’, an entrepreneurial program and business ideas competition for secondary school students.
Seth, a Year 10 student at St Ignatius College, was thrilled to be named a finalist in the program, which is aimed at building an entrepreneurial culture and fostering strong relationships between students, educators, industry and the community.
“The final evening at the end of August is for the finalists to present their pitch with a three-to-five minute presentation to special entrepreneurs and an expert panel of judges and community and sponsors,” he said.
“There will be a People’s Choice award as well. The challenge has been a two-pronged project devising the science engineering concept and then the business model to produce it and market it. Some other projects have been devising an emergency helpline app, eating disorders
through human care project, app converting sign-language to text. I developed ‘The Drone Sentinel’ concept and am very proud to be a finalist.”
All Victorian finalists will present on 25 August pitching their case on the night to promote and develop their ideas. The winner receives $1000 and chance to develop their idea with certain companies, an opportunity afforded a number of other finalists. Seth’s friend, Saint Ignatius Year 10 student Lara Walters, has partnered with him recently to assist with the business development of the project and the pitch.
“The concept is a drone airspace security program involving developing a sentinel lighthouse tower that transmits a signal to the master controller of drones to shutdown all unauthorised drone movement in restricted airspaces,” Seth said.