Classy approach to river health

Mixing fresh and salt water, with the green water representing the fresh water.

Barwon Heads Primary School Grade 5 students took part in the Barwon Estuary Project science day co-ordinated by the Barwon Estuary Project team and delivered in partnership with Barwon Coast, Parks Victoria and Estuary Watch.
Sixteen students with an interest in science learnt the importance of the Barwon estuary, what it provides for us and looked closely at the soils and water science of this amazing ecosystem.
Students engaged in discussion and interactive activities that explored colour, texture, composition and smells of the soil core samples.
They took part in experimenting to see how freshwater floats on top of seawater and how the two combined are the essential ingredients in making an estuary. Testing the pH of both freshwater and seawater samples provided readings between a pH of 7 and 8 showing the pH in the estuary is at a stable level.
Looking at turbidity students discussed the effects of sediment and pollutant loads on in-stream flora and fauna.
Water temperature was tested to lead discussion on how temperature affects the water’s oxygen levels and how the levels can have a positive or negative impact on the plants and the animals that call the estuary home.
The Barwon Estuary Project schools program is not over yet, with the following weeks filled with more engaging and exciting opportunities for students to learn more about this amazing ecosystem.
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