Living with thanks in mind

Briony Roberts is running the 'Living Gratitude Project'. 165532

Ocean Grover Briony Roberts is passionate about helping people to increase the accessibility of psychological skills.
That’s why she is running a not-for-profit project called ’The Living Gratitude Project’ which she will be running over Facebook from 18 March.
“With this project I hope to increase the accessibility of psychological skills in the community,” Briony said.
“In particular, this project will focus on helping people to build mindfulness and gratitude skills. Both of these skills are associated with significant improvements to psychological and physical health. For this project I have written six novel meditations which integrate mindfulness and gratitude practices. The practices are entirely novel and I hope that they will extend upon the interventions that are available within psychology. My great passion is the mind-body-spirit connection and I have tried to be integrative and innovative with respect to this.”
The meditations focus on:
Week 1 – Gratitude for the miracle of your life
Week 2 – Gratitude for your body
Week 3 – Gratitude for your heart
Week 4 – Gratitude for interconnectedness and relationships
Week 5 – Gratitude for self
Week 6 – Gratitude for cycles and endings
The first meditation was filmed live with an audience at Kyo yoga studio in Ocean Grove in January and the further five will be audio only (for cost reasons). The project will also involve a novel gratitude reflection task being posted on Facebook for each of the 40 days. The project begins on 18 of March and will run from the ’Synchronicity Psychology & Wellbeing Services’ page on Facebook. Details are also available on the workshops page of Briony’s website