Comfort food? They’ve got it

Georgia Kotteck, Tammy McAdam and Shelbey Dryden will give you a warm welcome at the Piping Hot Chicken Shop and Burger Grill.

The Piping Hot Chicken Shop and Burger Grill has been Ocean Grove’s go-to place for serious comfort food for decades.
It still is, and new owner Tammy McAdam promises all the old staples, but also some new surprises.
“We’re trying to do modern takeaway that’s moved with the times, but we’ve kept the stuff that people have loved over the years,” she told The Voice.
The chips and gravy are still there, and still the most popular item on the menu.
The famous burgers are still there, but there’s now a Korean and Mexican version to tempt your hunger pains, and there are heaps of gluten-free items to choose from.
They make their own bourbon barbecue and chutney on the premises.
“We’re trying to make something for the whole family,” Tammy said.
“Our meat is freshly minced Angus beef that goes straight onto the grill.”
And get ready for the summer salads with a twist.
“It will something that will be easy to grab and head straight to the beach if that’s what people want to do,” Tammy said.
Piping Hot Chicken Shop and Burger Grill employs local people, something that Tammy is proud of.
“It is amazing how talented the kids are that come to work here,” she said.
The chook shop also does desserts, including the wildly popular passionfruit sponge.
“I make six a day and they just go so quickly,” Tammy said.
“People will come in at four o’clock and say ‘Don’t tell me that I’ve missed out’.