Balance and calm in Tara’s passion

Tara Lynch takes a class. 164616

Tara Lynch is passionate about teaching yoga to adults and children with special needs.
The Ocean Grover’s past few years have been dedicated to the cause and she regularly teaches at Barwon Valley Special School and Karringal Hub.
Another Ocean Grove local, Megan Stolz, is co-ordinating the program at Karringal.
Her students have multiple disabilities, neurological, physical and intellectual, and she works in consultation with occupational therapists, physiotherapists, teacher aides and teachers to develop a yoga program that is for everyone.
On an average day, students enter the room concerned, anxious, exhausted, elevated and occasionally just right. By the end of the session, something has changed, they are still, centred, quiet and happy.
Yoga helps the students manage pain and reduce worries and stress. Poses like Lions Breath or Happy Baby always bring a smile to their faces and encourage a physical release of frustration.
“Everyone feels they belong and are respected, valued and learning together. It is important the yoga teacher and staff all model positive, caring, calm, supportive behaviour. On some occasions I have noticed staff and students becoming one unit helping each other” Tara said.
Many students have limited physical movement so are assisted by teacher aides to facilitate the postures. Some students are non-verbal so the staff are very aware of body language to connect with the student. There is a connection between the group consisting of teacher, assistants, volunteers and students.
Concentration is enhanced through yoga. Balancing postures and breathing techniques (pranayama) improve mental awareness and focus. Smiles, sighs and laughter are all elicited. Yoga encourages body awareness, promotes better breathing, calms the nervous system and improves alertness and concentration.
“I feel uplifted after teaching these sessions,” Tara said.
“There is always laughter, jokes, mental clarity, gratitude, action and awareness all rolled into one.”