Iggies racks up the awards

Alexander Cumming Emily Allan, Charlie Smale and Janelle Nichols.

St Ignatius College came first in Victoria, second in Australia and 10th worldwide in the recent Education Perfect English World Challenge.

The college had five students who achieved the ‘Emerald’ award which is just below the ‘Elite’ award.

The ‘Elite’ award is only achieved if the students devote five full days to this competition. St Ignatius students had to fit this in to the rest of their busy schedule.

The school had five Emerald awards, seven Gold, four Silver, 25 Bronze and 46 Credit awards.

“This was an outstanding achievement from our students who really entered into the ‘spirit’ of this challenge. I am very proud of them all,” humanities teacher Ashley Latchford said.

The Emerald award winners were: Janelle Nichols (8 Rubio), Charlie Smale (7 Ricci), Tess Craven (9 Faber), Emily Allan (9 Faber) and Riley Theilemann (9 Thomas).

Alexander Cumming form 8 Rubio won an iTunes voucher for his efforts.

“I believe that our students are in an environment where we take the acquisition of language very seriously and I further believe that we do it well because we care about the future of all our students,” Ashley said.

“We are committed to excellence in all we do. Our college continues to be at the ‘cutting edge’ of educational innovation and, I believe, that our students are the better for it. We develop strong ties with our students to ensure that they are working collaboratively with their teachers to ensure the very best outcome for them all.”